Electric Power Steering

Hey guys! Not much to update this week as I’m pretty much waiting on 90% of the parts to finish this build. I’m getting everything shipped to the same location in Buffalo to save on border fees. Once my engine mount kit is here, the build should really pick up.

Here are some pictures of my electric power steering conversion. There is no room in the engine bay to run a belt pump, so this conversion is a must! I am using a Vauxhal Astra power steering pump that I purchased from UK. I believe this is the same model pump as Porsche uses in their GT3 cars. The pump itself was pretty cheap, but it’s the shipping that killed me. The pump fits perfectly in the front trunk, on the opposite side of the brake master cylinder. This is a good location, since it won’t take  up your trunk space, and its excellent for wiring.

Things you will need:

  • Vauxhall power steering pump. MR2 pump is also a popular choice.
  • 8 gauge wire. Not too much, about 2-3 feet, depending on how much cable came with your pump.
  • 2 x 8 gauge lugs to hook up the pump to ground and battery
  • 16 gauge wire. Buy a decent amount. This wire will be used to run the ignition signal to the pump.
  • -6 AN power steering hose. I used Russell 632620. Either way you go, make sure to get high pressure rated power steering hose. The power steering system pressure goes as high as 2500 psi.
  • -6 AN Fittings. Russell 620421, 620401, and 648060. The first two are for steering rack side, and the third one is for pump outlet.
  • Custom Porsche steering rack to -6 AN fittings. I’m still not sure what to do about this one. GSR offers a set, but they are way too expensive. I might source a manufacturer in China and make a whole bunch if there’s interest. I also made drawings for these if anyone needs them.  Just email me!
  • Grommets for the power steering hose holes
  • 80A circuit breaker
  • Basic crimper or solder
  • Custom pump bracket

-The 8 gauge wires will go directly to the battery and ground. Put the 80A circuit breaker on the power wire.

-There are three other small wires, but I don’t think the brown/white one is used for anything. You need +12 in the other two wires in order for the pump to run. The best way to do this is to wire the black one to the ignition wire, and the blue/white one the alternator dash light. This will ensure that the pump is on only when the alternator is running. You can also wire one of these to a switch, should you need to turn off your power steering. I used a relay in my setup just to keep the power steering pump separate from the rest of the car wiring.

-You will need to figure out a way to hook up the -6 AN return line to the power steering pump. The easiest way to do this is to cut the stainless housing and stretch out the core until it slides over, and then use a hose clamp. This is a low pressure return, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

-You will need a custom mounting bracket for the pump. I just got nylon working on my 3D printer, so hopefully I can make something with that.

I don’t have too many good pictures at the moment, but I will update them once I get the pump in.

Mounting location of the pump

Drilled two holes for the power steerig hose. They are located on the right side, under the brake master cylinder.

3D printed gromet. This is just a mock up, I will use a nylon one for the final setup.

The -6 AN hose will not fit over the pump inlet. You can cut the metal housing and stretch the core over.

Printing a bracket for the pump.

Finished nylon bracket. Now I have to test it out. I will post better pictures once I get the pump secured.