Quick update

I had a bit of an accident that set me back a week or so, but I’m back on track now. Below I posted some recent car pics.

I bought some sheet aluminum for $20 and made a firewall cover. I wish I had fitted the seats first because there isn’t enough leg room for me at the moment. I will have to add a bit of an angle to the cover in order to move the seats farther back. I mounted the hand brake housing just above the “tranny tunnel” just to simplify things. Putting it where Renegade does is a pain, and it requires twisting the wire a little more than I like.

I also got a new intake manifold due to some serious defects in the old one. A 1-3/8″ freeze plug from Napa worked great to plug the EGR opening.

V8 Boxster Swap

The car is 95% done at this point. I’m just waiting on a couple of intake parts and need to get the exhaust made. I am also looking to install a fire suppression system in the trunk.

The big things to do now is get insurance, safety, and emissions done.

V8 Boxster Interior

V8 Boxster

V8 Boxster


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