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Welcome to my project blog! My name is Vlad, I'm a Mechanical Engineer from Toronto, Canada. Please follow me on this quest to convert a Porsche Boxster S roller into a V8 beast!

Boxster V8 conversion

Rocker Arm Trunion Upgrade

I’ve  heard some bad stories regarding the stock rocker arm needle bearings, so I picked up a Comp Cams kit from Summit. The installation is pretty straightforward. The kit comes with two spacer washer so you don’t crush the new bearings when pressing them in.

Reinforcement plate is finished

Today I finished on the chassis reinforcement plate that should be welded in to replace all the cut sheet metal. Renegade offers this plate for $135USD, but I suggest you just make it yourself. I picked up a 3/16″ plate from a local metal market for around $15 CAD. There’s really nothing to it. I also bought a can of weld thru primer, Spray Max 2k primer, and a seam sealer to protect it from the elements.

Prior to welding, I stripped the paint on the body and coated both the plate and the stripped surface with weld thru primer. This will protect the areas that get boxed in from rusting int he future.

My friend welding in the plate

I should have also stripped the interior wall to prevent overheating and burning through the sheet metal. I guess I learned the hard way for next time.

Made the side plates from some 1/8″ steel

I then cleaned up the welds and applied some 2K primer. I love this stuff, it’s definitely the best you can get in a can.

Applied seam sealer, primed again, and painted. I had some leftover silver paint from repairing my Toyota, so I just used that. I’m not building this Boxster to be a show car, I’m just looking to protect it from rust.

I then took this opportunity to fix the rusty floor and some other spots on the car. I used POR15 previously to fix some rust on my daily, and this stuff is amazing. It bonds well to rust and leaves a rock solid surface.


It needs another coat of paint, but I’m all out. Might just clear coat it and leave it like this. The Rennline track mats will cover up this area anyways.


More Parts!

Last week I made another trip to the border to pick up more parts. I really  hope that this is the last one, because I’m going broke way too quick. I gotta give special thanks to Rennline and Corbeau Seats for hooking me up with amazing deals on their products.

A whole bunch of used and new parts like shifter cables, Boxster harness, headers, seats, intake hoses, miscellaneous fasteners and sensors

I won’t be carpeting the interior, so I got a set of aluminum track mats from Rennline.

Two FX1 Pro fiberglass seats and a 5 point harness from Corbeau.


LS1 Harness Rewire

Wiring was definitely the most intimidating part of the build for me when I was doing the initial research, but it’s really not that difficult once you have it all in front of you. For this build, I’m using a 2002 LS1 harness and LS1 PCM. There’s tons of useful information and guides on this online, so don’t be put off by the electrical work.

Here are some good links:



Since the intake manifold is flipped 180 degrees, the original harness layout will no longer work.


My buddy Juan helping me with the harness

The harness stripped and organized. Each plug and pin labeled.

Fitting the harness