More Wiring

The wiring on this project just doesn’t stop… The entire harness in the trunk had to be replaced. The previous owner was building a track car and cut half the stuff off. He even cut the ABS/speed sensor, which I don’t think he was supposed to. Thanks to Woody on the 986 forum I was able to pick one up for cheap. The engine harness was a bit of a pain to tear up since the Porsche diagrams are a huge pain in the butt to read. Most of the connection pins come out easily, but for some you need to make a special tool. BTW if you need any help with the wiring, just send me an email.

The pins on these types of connections will not come out easily. You need to remove the back cover and stick in a think metal tube (you can make one from a pop can) through the front of the connector, between the plastic and the pin. Pushing the pin forward from the back while inserting the tube makes it much easier to take apart.

I’m slowly making some progress cleaning up the wiring. I used a couple of no longer needed relays to power the GM PCM and the water pump.

The GM PCM is massive and won’t fit on the firewall like the Porsche DME. I had a sheet of aluminum kicking around so I made a mount. I don’t have the latest picture of the wiring, but it is starting to look pretty clean. 

Like I mentioned in the previous post, I’m having some issues with the fuel pump relay and the ignition. The fuel pump relay does not switch on ignition and same with the starter motor relay.