Cooling system continued

I don’t have a hoist, so it was pretty difficult to snap good picture of the fuel system. Here is a basic diagram of how I did it. I decided not to run heater lines, since it will probably be hot enough in the car from the engine compartment. I do not plan to winter drive it.

This is a pretty simplified diagram. You will also need a tee on the vent line, to hook up the engine vapour lines. It was impossible to find a 0.5″x0.5″x0.25″ tee, so I just put one together from plumbing parts. BTW, if you are looking for hose fittings or connections, head over to JTR (Jaguars that run) website.

The line sizes are:

  • Two big coolant lines running to radiators are about 1.5″
  • The filler line is 0.75″
  • The vent line is 0.5″
  • Renegade fittings are 1.25″
  • Thermostat housing is 1.25″

I suggest you get a reducing silicone sleeve on the main Porsche coolant lines (1.5″ to 1.25″), and then run the rest of the system in 1.25″. Make sure to stock up on unions and hose clamps. I think I used something like 30 clamps. Some 90 degree silicone or aluminum elbows will definitely come in handy.

V8 Boxster cooling system parts

Coolant and intake parts

So Renegade made this beautiful aluminum intake, yet they couldn’t make enough clearance for the timing cover bolts… The heads are already filed down in the picture belwo.