Fuel Lines

The fuel system is pretty straightforward, just buy some reinforced fuel line and compression fittings. If you have an LS1 or LS6 fuel rail, you will also need a fuel pressure regulator/filter. The GM regulator mounts perfectly in the old location of the Porsche fuel filter. I cut the fuel lines just before the filter and used -6 AN compression fittings to transition to a flexible reinforced line.

V8 Boxster Fuel Lines

GM fuel filter/regulator on the left, and Porsche fuel filter on the right

BTW, if you decide to run truck ignition coils (which are better than LS1 ones), the fuel rail connection will not clear. You have to cut the tab that holds it to the rest of the fuel rail and bend it off to the side. I don’t have an up close picture, but it should be visible in the one below.

More work on the BMW

While inspecting the BMW for a bushing upgrade, we notice the common cracks in the body around the subframe studs. The extent of the damage was pretty serious; I think we counted over 20 cracks in total.  It took us a full week to change all the bushings, weld the cracks, and upgrade his headers. The 2005 320 now has a 330 engine, M3 rear subframe and diff, poly bushings, M3 rear brakes, 330 front brakes, headers, and soon to  come euro tune.

E46 Cracked Subframe

E46 Cracked Subframe

E46 subframe reinforcement plates

Welded in E46 rear subframe reinforcement plates

E46 poly bushings



First start

Hey guys,

once again, I apologise for the lack of updates recently, I’ve just been really busy trying to get this thing finished. On Friday I started the motor for the first time with no major issues. The starter and fuel relays had to be jumped, which is something that I still need to figure out. I have to spend the next few days cleaning up the wiring, making hard brake lines, and mounting the hand brake. There will be much more detailed updates in the next week or so. I apologise for the bad video, but I honestly wasn’t expecting it to start the first time. I shut the engine off quickly because I thought I heard some noise and then my phone died.

First start up #porscheV8 #boxsterV8 #rollingshell #boxster #garagebuiltcars #porsche

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Throttle Cable

Many people will tell you that the stock throttle pedal/cable will not work for the V8 swap, but what most of these people don’t know is that the early Boxsters came with a full cable setup (no drive by wire). I purchased mine from a 986Forum member with a pedal for $50. The cable length is great and the TB travel is spot on. Today I made a custom bracket to hold the cable in place. The clamp that comes with the wire can be attached to one of the intake manifold bolts to hold it in place. The end of the cable has a metal sleeve that flares out at the end towards the TB. I used small metal plate to wedge the flare to the bracket (you can see it below held by two stainless machine screws).