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Had my exhaust done at JPG in Oakville. Those guys are great, had the car done within a day and under the quoted price. I’m especially impressed with the hangers. I told them that I’d be taking this thing to the track quite often, so they made it nice and solid. Sorry about the quality; I don’t have a hoist, so taking pics under the car is nearly impossible.


2000 Boxster S Roller (no pics, no price)

Find the seller’s contact here at 986Forum.

“Y2K Boxster s 3.2 6spd. all black. I bought a few month ago from original owner with all paperwork. 37k miles. car was running with knock. tore motor apart and one rod journal on crankshaft is .010 out. located in central NJ 08876 looking for best offer”

I can’t drive the car this year :(

Regular car insurance will not cover the engine swap, so my only option is classic car insurance. Unfortunately they require 10 years of driving experience and for me it’s this December 17th.┬áThe only thing left to do is take the car to the exhaust shop this Saturday, pass emissions, pass safety, and throw it in storage till next year. If I have some money, maybe I can rent a truck and take it out for a couple of track days while the weather is still nice.